New University of London Scholarships 2022/2023 – Apply Now

The inability to pay for further education, developmental support, and family support are just a few of the many other major issues that prevent students from pursuing their ambitions of higher education.

These are the reasons why foundations, colleges, and other private groups have established numerous scholarship programs.

The current issue is how students may discover these scholarships that are offered and available to them. You’ve come to the right site if you’re one of the people looking for scholarships to support your academic goals.

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We will provide a list of some of the University of London’s scholarships that are currently available in this post. Let’s explore why you should study at the University of London before you start asking questions.

Why Study at The University of London?

The University of London was founded in 1836 by Royal Charter and is still regarded as one of the best universities in the world today. This federal university competes against other reputable universities in Europe, including the Universities of Oxford, Vienna, Athens, Cambridge, and many others.

What are the elements that makes the University of London special?

  • Some of the most well-known people in the world, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and many others, have come from this country.
  • It promotes variety.
  • Some of the best students in the world attend this university. Collectively, the professors at this university are very intelligent individuals.
  • It offers helpful scholarship schemes. These characteristics are just a few of the many that make this university one of the best in the world. There are many more.
  • For individuals who are interested in the University of London’s scholarship programs, a selection of them is mentioned here. If you plan to apply, you would be wise to visit the official websites.

1. LLM (Master of Laws) Scholarships

The University of London offers LLM scholarships specifically for students from nations including Ghana, Nigeria, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

If you are a national of one of the aforementioned nations, you have a fantastic opportunity to continue your education at the University of London.

About 18 scholarships are awarded to deserving Postgraduate Laws students each year.

If you are ultimately chosen as a recipient of this scholarship, you will benefit from a 40% bursary for the LLM, PGCert, or PGDip.

Prior to being given consideration for the LLM (Master of Laws) Scholarships, you should be aware of the following:

12 modules must have been successfully completed, with no failures.

At least 5 of those 12 modules must be successfully finished within 13 months of your effective registration date (with no failed attempts).

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In the aforementioned nations, you must be registered and enrolled in school.

Do well to visit their official website for more details about this.

2. Bursary for Birkbeck’s 200th Anniversary

  • Bursaries will be provided to some students by the University of London in honor of Birkbeck’s 200th anniversary.
  • These bursaries are designed to aid and support students financially as well as developmentally.
  • If you are ultimately selected for the Birkbeck 200th Anniversary Bursary, you will enjoy a 15% tuition fee reduction.
  • Students enrolled in the following programs are eligible for this wonderful opportunity:
  • Master of Science in Management (Business Innovation).
  • Marketing Management and an MSc in Business Innovation.


It’s vital to note that this scholarship is only valid for the sessions in October 2022 and April 2023. Additionally, since a code will be made available to you at registration, you do not need to bother about applying. One bursary application is all that is allowed.

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3. The Canon Collins Award

  • Students who are prospective Masters students are the target audience for the Canon Collins scholarship program. students who are currently enrolled in a two-year program or who want to apply for a one-year, full-time course in journalism, communications, or media studies.
  • The following benefits are yours if you end up being awarded the Canon Collins scholarship: A 12-month paid internship.
  • a financial assistance with expenses during your study years.
  • an opportunity to improve your leadership abilities through planned events, strengthen your academic abilities, and expand your network.


  • You must fulfill the following requirements in order to be eligible for the Canon Collins Scholarship:
  • possess a strong Honors degree or be close to graduating in the application year.
  • Be prepared and available to complete a 12-month paid internship.
  • possess and exhibit a dedication to issues including education or human rights.
  • Do well to visit their official websites to learn more about eligibility.


The Canon Collins Scholarship application deadline is set for November 1st, 2022. Additionally, be aware that the selection committee will not take late applications into account.

4. Scholarships for Refugees and Displaced Persons

Millions of people regrettably end themselves as displaced people or refugees each year.

The University of London has stepped forward to support these students since these individuals may ultimately crush their hopes of continuing their degree.

It will now provide up to 28 scholarships to displaced people and refugees. 10 of these scholarships have been discontinued;

Between BSC Business Administration, Bc Marketing, and MSc Project Management, there are 5 scholarships available.

Between the MSc Data Science and BSC Computer Science, there are 5 scholarships.

The 18 who remain are:

3 scholarships for the MSc in Professional Accounting.

2 scholarships for the MSc in Accounting and Financial Management.

5 scholarships for postgraduate law degrees.
5 scholarships for LB.

1 scholarship for an MA in global diplomacy.
2 MBA scholarships worldwide.

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You must meet the following requirements before being deemed qualified for the Refugee and Displaced Persons Scholarships:

Participate in the aforementioned programs (check the official website for more information).

obtain official paperwork proving your status as a displaced person or refugee.

be a new student or have moved during your current course of study.

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The scholarship applications for displaced and refugee students will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

It’s crucial to submit your program application and scholarship application at least two weeks before the deadline for the latter.

Do well to visit their official website for more details about this.

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